@tweet2doom : a Twitter bot that plays Doom (source) | (data)

morse-meme : morse code meme generator

ggmorse : real-time morse code audio decoding

r2t2 : transmit data through the PC speaker

spectrogram : real-time audio spectrum visualizer

waver : messaging through sound

keytap2 : acoustic keyboard eavesdropping based on language n-gram frequencies

wtf-tui : text-based UI for WTF

hnterm : browsing Hacker News in the terminal

imtui : immediate mode text-based user interface library for C++

dot-to-ascii : Graphviz to ASCII converter

lottery-check : search past lottery numbers in the Bulgarian 6/49 lotto

diff-challenge : is this even possible?

imgui-ws : Dear ImGui over WebSockets

typing-battles : a multiplayer typing game (server: C++/WebSockets, client: JS)

keytap-challenge : can you guess the text being typed?

keytap : acoustic keyboard eavesdropping with prior training

wave-share : data over sound in the browser

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